Membership within the Council is now available to all those seeking education and training within the discipline of criminal defense investigation.  Professionals such as educators, public defender investigators, private investigators, mitigation specialists, criminologists, forensic experts, polygraphists, paralegals, and students are welcome and encouraged to join.

 INDIVIDUAL MEMBERSHIPS:  $ 50.00 annually

 PUBLIC DEFENDER AGENCIES:  $ 250.00 annually 


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Executive Council and Advisory Board

The Executive Council maintains an Advisory Board to provide intellectual support to the Training Council.  The members of the Executive Council include the National Director, the Academic Director, and an inner-circle of members, also known as the “Praetorian Guard”, who have attained a special status by virtue of participation, insight, and academic contribution and enjoy the title of Senior Fellow.  Those interested in serving as an Advisory Board member should contact the Executive Director for consideration.


C.D.I.T.C. Speakers Bureau & Recommended Training Texts

 Professional associations, public defenders, law firms, and investigation agencies, seeking speakers qualified to provide instruction regarding the discipline of criminal defense investigation should contact the Council for assistance.  The Council maintains a list of qualified and dynamic speakers noted for their expertise within the discipline of criminal defense investigation and the forensic sciences.  A recommended reading list of approved criminal defense investigation, general criminal investigation, and forensic science books and training material is also available.  Training books may be submitted to the council for approval and consideration as the basis for an academic training program.  Email the Council or Call 1-800-465-5233 for more information.