Public Defender Investigator

 Training Program


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The Public Defender

Criminal Defense Investigator Training Program 

Since 1994


Amy M. Perron, CCDI is the Chief Investigator for the Public Defender 19th Judicial Circuit, State of Florida.  The 10-12 month training program is open to all qualified applicants over the age of 18 years old who MUST reside within the 19th Judicial Circuit.  The program combines classroom training in the Component Method of Criminal Investigation with field experience.  The classes are taught by Brandon A. Perron, CCDI.  Interns must invest approximately fifteen (15) hours a week and attend a three (3.5) hour training session every other week.  In addition, Interns are assigned to the Public Defender Investigation Division.   They perform intake jail interviews with defendants at the county jail, conduct field investigations, and support assistant public defenders with trial support.  New classes form every 10-12 months  and are held in Fort Pierce, Florida. Participants must be a resident of the Martin, St. Lucie, Indian River, or Okeechobee Counties. 


The only fee is the cost of the text book:  $ 30.00


You will learn the following:


Criminal Defense Investigation - Uncovering Reasonable Doubt: The Component Method:  Philosophy and Methodology of Investigation, Law - Legal Defenses - Defense Theories, Forensic Case Review & Analysis, The Defendant Interview, Crime Scene Examination, Background Investigations, Witness Interviewing & Statements, Report Writing & Testifying, Fundamentals of Surveillance, Homicide Investigation, and Sex Crimes Investigations.



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The following payment link is for those who have successfully attended the PDI19 Advanced - Forensic Testimonial Evidence Recovery (FTER) course of instruction.  Participants are required to attend the training and to submit the questions/essay answers prior to testing. 

Participants who successfully pass the open book online test will be awarded the designation of CERTIFIED FORENSIC INTERVIEWER (CFI-FTER) in the FTER METHOD
PD19 FTER Certification Testing Fee