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The CDITC Awards Program

The CDITC proudly recognizes those professionals who go "Above and Beyond" what is asked.  They are the unsung heros of our profession who demonstrate the dedication, talent, and ability that is reserved for the very few.  It is in this spirit that we present our colleagues with the honor and respect that they have earned.


The Investigator/Philosopher Award


This Award is presented to those few who have elevated the discipline of criminal investigation.  They have led by example and assumed the highest level of expertise.  Their leadership includes that of director, instructor, author, and mentor to many.


The CDITC Field Commendation Award


This award is presented to what is best described as the "Investigator's Investigator".  The professional who maintains a level of dedication and expertise that is second to none.  They have proven themselves on specific cases or during the course of their career.



Investigator/Philisopher Award Recipient - 2018


The CDITC is honored to present our most prestigious award to CDITC Academy Graduate Nanette Cabral 


Nanette is a nationally recognized Private Investigator operation in Boston, MA.  She continues to represent the profession on the national stage.  Nanette is a strong supporter of training and promoting the highest level of ethical conduct.  She continues to lead by example as an advocate of Justice and the Truth. 






"Investigator Philosopher Award"

Thomas J. Luongo, CCDI
Clarence N. Short, CCDI
Diana Lynn Queen, CCDI
Jake C. Ross, CCDI
Gary J. McDaniel, CCDI
Jane M. Cracraft, CCDI
George M. Newman, CCDI

Matthew Whalen, CCDI

Christopher Ellrich, CCDI

Francie Koehler, CCDI

Dean Beers, CCDI

Nanette Cabral


Field Commendation Award



Rikki Glen, CCDI

James A. Cobb, CCDI

John M. Healy
Gary J. McDaniel, CCDI
Thomas J. Luongo, CCDI
Diana Queen, CCDI
Thomas P. Shamshak, CCDI (2)
Judy Smith, CCDI
Sandra Walters, CCDI
Greg Wills, CCDI
James L. Hamilton, CCDI
Robert W. Gietzen, CCDI
Richard L. Ashenoff, CCDI (2)
Kathy Grant, CCDI
Robert M. Parks, CCDI
Richard Lee Forrest, CCDI
Francis "Frank" Kelly, CCDI (2)
Jack Murray, CCDI
Amy M. Perron, CCDI (2) 
Brad Milburn, CCDI
Mark Murnan, CCDI
Bradley A. Perron, CCDI
Keith R. Steele, CCDI (2)
Sandra K. Warner, CCDI

Carol Springer, CCDI (2)
Stephen Hapka, CCDI
Arthur C. Buhrman, CCDI
Bill Rhetts, CCDI
Daniel Collins, CCDI (2)
Bryan Reis, CCDI (2)

Christopher Ellrich, CCDI

Billie Holmes, CCDI

Brian Rodgers, CCDI

Peer Star, CCDI

Victor Williams

Josh Goodwin, CCDI



The following list represents the National Leaders of Criminal Defense Investigation.  CDITC Board Certified Criminal Defense Investigators have taken an oath to uphold the sacred demands of an "impartial & objective" advocate of the Truth in defense of the United States Constitution and Bill of Rights.

The CDITC Executive Council 

Brandon A. Perron, CCDI, CFI-FTER

National Director

Investigative Support Specialist, Inc.

416 SE Balboa Street, Suite 2

Stuart, Florida 34994

(772) 288-1485



Dr. Richard Grego, CCDI, CPE

Criminal Defense Investigation Training Council

416 SE Balboa Street, Suite 2

Stuart, Florida 34994



Thomas J. Luongo, CCDI

Case In Point Investigations

114 Hazelton Street

Cranston, Rhode Island 02920




Matthew Whalen, CCDI

Past NDIA President

Connecticut Public Defender

235 Church Street,

New Haven, CT 06510



Brad A. Perron, CCDI, CFSI

Investigative Support Specialist, Inc.

Academic Director

416 SE Balboa Street, Suite 2

Stuart, Florida 34994

(772) 288-1485


The CDITC Faculty

 Training Advisory Board

The CDITC Faculty and Training Advisory Board consists of Board Certified Criminal Defense Investigators who have demonstrated expert knowledge and expertise within the discipline of criminal defense investigation.  The following subject matter experts have written articles, authored books, developed training programs, testified as "experts" within their areas of expertise and assumed leadership roles within the discipline. 


Dean A. Beers, CCDI, CFSI, CLI. Forensic Investigators of Colorado, LLC, P.O. Box 200030, Evans, CO 80522, beersda@forensic-investigators.com, www.forensic-investigators.com


Ronald Condom, Jr. CCDI, Chief Investigator, Miami Public Defender, 11th Judicial Circuit, 1320 NW 14th Street, Miami, Florida 33125, Rcondom@pdmiami.com


Terry R. Cox, CCDI, CLI, Lone Wolf Group, 109 Westbrier Road, Saltillo, MS 38866,trcox@lonewolfgroup.comwww.lonewolfgroup.com 


Christopher Ellrich, CCDI, Chief Investigator, Office of the Public Defender, 2nd Judicial Circuit, Leon County Courthouse, Suite 401, 301 South Monroe Street, Tallahassee, FL 32301, chris.ellrich@flpd2.com

 Rikki Glen, CCDI, Rikki Glen & Associates, 329 Buena Vista Drive, Arlington, Wisconsin 608-219-9500, Rikki@rikkiglen.com


Dr. Richard Grego, CCDI, CPE, Criminal Defense Investigation Training Council, 416 SE Balboa Street, Suite 2, Stuart, Florida 34994, gregonian@aol.comwww.defenseinvestigator.com



Francie Koehler, CCDI,CPI, CLI, Special Circumstances CA PI 11539,317 Washington St, Suite 138, Oakland, CA 94607, francie@specialcircumstancespi.com


Thomas J. Luongo, CCDI, Case In Point Investigations, 114 Hazelton Street, Cranston, Rhode Island 02920, t.luongo@cipnow.com, Website:www.cipnow.com


Kevin W. McClain, CCDI, Kevin W. McClain Investigations, Ltd., P.O. 1434, Centralia, Illinois  62801, ispy4u@accessus.net, Website: www.wespy4u2.com


Gary J. McDaniel, CCDI, Pretext Services, Inc., P.O. Box 14613, North Palm Beach, Florida  33403-0613, pretextpi@bellsouth.net, Website: .pretextpi.com


Rory J. McMahon, CCDI, CLI, McMahon & Associates, 1451 W. Cypress Creek Road, Suite 300, Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33309,  rorymcmahon@bellsouth.net,


William A. Monroe, CCDI, W.A. Monroe & Associates, 825 9th Street, Professional Plaza, Ste H, Marysville, CA 95901, Bill@MonroeAssociates.us


Mark Murnan, CCDI, CLI, Complete Legal Investigations, Inc., 600 Sandtree Drive, Suite 210A, Palm Beach Gardens, Florida 33403,  mark@completelegalinv.com


George Michael Newman, CCDI Tactical Investigative Services, 2451 C Street, San Diego, CA 92102, tacticalgmn@sbcglobal.net, www.tacticalinvestigative.com

Amy M. Perron, CCDI, Chief Investigator, Office of the Public Defender, 19th Judicial Circuit, State of Florida, CDITC Training Coordinator, 772-288-1485, Amy.Perron@pd19.org


Brandon A. Perron, CCDI, National Director, CDITC, Investigative Support Specialist, Inc., 416 SE Balboa Street, Suite 2, Stuart, Florida  34994, (772) 288-1485, investigator.perron@gmail.comwww.investigation.us.com


Brad A. Perron, CCDI, CFSI, Executive Council, National Academic Director, Investigative Support Specialist, Inc., 416 SE Balboa Street, Suite 2, Stuart, Florida  34994, (772) 288-1485, bradperron@comcast.netwww.investigation.us.com


Anthony Pullano, CCDI, CFSI, Fairfield Investigation, 10152 W Indiantown Road, Suite 134, Jupiter, Florida  33478, afpullano@comcast.net


Watani Tyehimba, CCDI, CPP Tyehimba Service, Inc. 2616 Old Wesley Chapel Road, Ste 105 Decatur, Georgia 30034 , watani@tyehimba.com, www.tyehimba.com


Matthew Whalen, CCDI, NDIA President, Connecticut Public Defender, Superior Court 235 Church St, New Haven, Connecticut 06510, Matt.whalen@jud.ct.gov

Lauri Zobrack, CCDI, Office of the Public Defender, Fourth Judicial District, 317 2nd Avenue South, Suite 200, Minneapolis, MN  55401,  blzobrack@comcast.net



Download the attached lists of Nationally Recognized Certified Investigators and General Members