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The CDITC National

Criminal Defense Investigator Academy 

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2021 CDITC National Criminal Defense
 Investigation Academy

April 12-16, 2021

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Criminal Defense 
Investigation Academy

The Criminal Defense Investigation Training Council (CDITC) Class 2021

5 day Criminal Defense Investigation Academy scheduled for April 12-16, 2021 on the Beach at the Hutchinson Island Courtyard MarriottJensen Beach, Hutchinson Island, Florida. 

Curriculum & Schedule 

The Component Method of Criminal Defense Investigation & Case Management


The Component Method will be presented as an action plan to facilitate a comprehensive approach to the investigative process:


  1. Forensic Case Review & Analysis
  2. The Defendant Interview
  3. Crime Scene Examination
  4. Impeachment/Background Inquiries
  5. Witness Interviews
  6. Documentation & Report Writing

Mitigation Investigation for Criminal Defense Investigators


Participants will engage the processes required to successfully accomplish the penalty phase demands relative to mitigation investigation efforts for all types of cases including capital death cases and post-conviction relief.  Concepts such as mitigation theme development will be discussed as well as strategic approaches relative to reconstruction of the defendant’s life history, historical records analysis & collection, witness identification & interviewing, understanding mitigation protocols and working in concert with mitigation experts, . 


  • Mitigation Protocols
  • Records Recovery
  • Working with Experts
  • Interviewing Mitigation Witnesses
  • Post-Conviction Relief
  • Case Study – Example

Forensic Science Applications for the Criminal Defense Investigator

  • Recognize forensic science needs and applications
  • Work with forensic science experts to recognize and develop evidence 
  • Critique of the crime scene and process of evidence collected
  • Understand blood spatter and blood stain analysis
  • Recognize finger print and impression evidence / hands on developing a print, powder, glue
  • Develop theories and question firearm function and use from a forensic perspective


Completion of the two day forensic science program combined with the following distance learning option will qualify participants to take the test and earn the Certified Forensic Science Investigation (CFSI) Designation.